This blog is my notebook. In here I will put quick minor things that I have found out how to do, longer articles on how to do more challenging things and other ramblings about tech usually in the API Space.

  • By day I am a WorldWide SWAT Cloud Integration Architect for IBM
  • By evening I am father of two amazing girls and a keen board gamer
  • By night I am a partial insomiac who likes to play with crazy tech ideas.
  • "You are also an awesome brother to three awesome siblings (feel free to quote me in your bio!)" - Lucy Phillips

  • Currently I am focusing on APIs and OpenShift kubernetes deployments. I have a number of assets that are released on my github account, issues and pull requests welcome.

    My home lab consists of an OpenShift environment running home automations systems to control my house

    All opinions expressed here are very much my own or of the author of the article, not those of IBM.


    Setting the DataPower Password on deployment using ExtraValueFiles

    Using K8s Secrets it is possible to set the DataPower so it does not use the default admin/admin password on deployment. This is true for both v10 and v2018. However it is a little known secret.

    Mq Datapower On Laptop

    layout: post date: 2020-8-9 00:13:00 categories: APIConnect title: “DataPower and MQ in Docker on your laptop” draft: true —

    A question I am regularly asked is how do I make DataPower and MQ run on my laptop together, This guide gives you a step by step guide to get the basics up and running. This is a skunkworks environment only

    Using the APIC CLI to create a subscription

    APIC can be fully driven by its CLI and Rest Interface

    Using the APIC CLI to create an application

    APIC can be fully driven by its CLI and Rest Interface

    Applying API Governance Part 1 :: How can consumers find the right APIs?

    API proliferation is a real problem, though you plan to slowly ramp up your API development it is often the case that you have 20 to 50 to 100 APIs before you expect. This article provides a series of strategies to simplify API Discovery.

    APIConnect v10 - Programmatically inviting a new user to a consumer org.

    I have recently been asked by two customers how they can bulk register a number of user. There are two ways of doing this. Either by sending out an invitations or by creating the user accounts. Though both of these are listed below I recommend that only member invitations are used as it means that passwords are not exposed.

    APIConnect v10 - White Paper and Deployment Guide

    The API Connect White Paper I produced for v2018 was often described as the bible for new users and experienced users. 16 months on, I have had more than one customer asking me to sign their paper and lots of free beer I am humbled by the reception.

    Today I am publishing the API Connect v10 White Paper this covers the new deployment patterns for v10 and all the good stuff we covered for v2018.

    APIConnect v10 - Loading and Publishing an OpenAPI v3 specification.

    To publish OpenAPIv3 APIs into API Connect you need to add some IBM tags to add the assembly function and you need a product.

    Thanks to Mike Coletta for helping me with a work around

    Helm v2 - Error: error installing: the server could not find the requested resource

    If you are on a early version of helm and you try to run helm init on Kubernetes 1.16 or later you get the following error.

    Error: error installing: the server could not find the requested resource

    API Connect - Fishing you Pod metrics into Prometheus with APIConnect Trawler

    Trawler Logo

    Trawler is a metrics exporter for IBM API Connect, allowing Kuberentes metrics to be sent to Prometheus.