This blog is my notebook. In here I will put quick minor things that I have found out how to do, longer articles on how to do more challenging things and other ramblings about tech usually in the API Space.

  • By day I am a WorldWide SWAT Cloud Integration Architect for IBM
  • By evening I am father of two amazing girls and a keen board gamer
  • By night I am a partial insomiac who likes to play with crazy tech ideas.
  • "You are also an awesome brother to three awesome siblings (feel free to quote me in your bio!)" - Lucy Phillips

  • Currently I am focusing on APIs and OpenShift kubernetes deployments. I have a number of assets that are released on my github account, issues and pull requests welcome.

    My home lab consists of an OpenShift environment running home automations systems to control my house

    All opinions expressed here are very much my own or of the author of the article, not those of IBM.


    DataPower Quorums with two DataPowers

    Ways to handle the DataPower quorum when there is only enough Licenses for two DataPowers.

    Chatbot with Twilio via API Connect

    Chatbots have been a current fashionable project to work on right now. An API Gateway is critical to help take the load off the main business application as well as providing a way to implement multiple Chatbot intermediaries without rewriting the business logic.


    API Connect - Switching the DataPower Peering Primary

    In the event that a DataPower quorum is lost the remaining DataPowers can be forced into a working quorum.

    API Connect - Deploying Components to specific Nodes

    API Connect has four components, there is a requirement to deploy the DataPower Gateway to their own worker nodes in Kubernetes.

    API Connect 2018 and GraphQL
    Guest Post by Ivan Pryanichnikov

    I’m often asked whether IBM API Connect supports GraphQL APIs. The short answer is “yes” but let’s have a deeper look at the topic.

    API Connect - Additional DataPower configuration
    Guest Post by Chris Phillips SAKAIRI Takashi

    This article explains how in API Connect 2018.4.1.8 you can persist additional configuration to DataPower.

    Ingress (or other pods) unable to route to pods in different namespaces
    Guest Post by Chris Phillips James Hewitt

    This article explains the basics of error handling in APIs in API Connect 2018.

    Loosing Quorums

    When each API Connect component looses quorums it changes how the components work.